As high  paid jobs are highly in demands in Canada, also are low paid jobs are highly in demands, and from our research, we discover that low paid jobs are easily to get anywhere in the world.

These jobs required only post secondary or colleges certificate only with at least last credit, ability to communicate well in English language.

Listed below are the jobs and their average monthly remuneration

Early Childhood Education – $25,000 – 46,000.
Horticulture – $15,000 – $45,000.
Culinary Arts and Food Management Service – $39,000 – 46,000
Biblical Studies – $26,000 – $67,000
Bachelor of fine and applied art – $30,000 – $67,000
Human Services – $31,500 – $76,000
Special Services – $26,700 – $77,100

All the above jobs remunerations listed are annual incomes and prorated into monthly remuneration based on each jobs, also an employee is given a position based on their experience and health ability in the field of their chosen jobs.