International Mobility Program (Employer Specific Sponsored Package)

Aerocone Immigrations is a multinational travels and tours corporation with recognition in Canada and throughout West African Countries.
Having its Headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

The sponsor program is an open program for all skilled professionals between the ages of 25 and 50 years old. it was designed to create an avenue for professionals who have good intensions of working and living in Canada. The program is centered on developing Canadian economy and as well as providing professional and humanity support for africans through sponsor with only 20% of the required fund for the actual package.

This package cost is 1 Million Naira excluding flight, feeding and accommodation. It only give opportunity to professionals who are in the following field to participate in the program.

  1. Drivers (Trailers and Trucks require Trucking License)
  2. Foodservice supervisors
  3. Executive Housekeepers
  4. Accommodation Executives
  5. Nurses / Midwiferies
  6. Travels & Tourisms Professionals
  7. Hotel Workers
  8. Cleaning Supervisors
  9. Other Services Supervisors
  10. Chefs and Cooks
  11. Bakers
  12. Hairstylists and Barbers
  13. Tailors, Dressmakers, Furriers, and Milliners
  14. Shoe Repairers and Shoemakers
  15. Upholsterers
  16. Iron-Workers
  17. Personal / Departmental Support Workers (PSW/DSW)
  18. Welders / Iron Workers
  19. Machine Operators (Light and Heavy)
  20. Industrial Electricians
  21. Power System Electricians
  22. Electrical power line and cable workers
  23. Telecommunications line and cable workers
  24. Plumbers
  25. Carpenters and Cabinetmakers
  26. Bricklayers
  27. Concrete finishers
  28. Tile setters or Tilers
  29. Roofers and shinglers
  30. Insulators
  31. Painters and decorators (except interior decorators)

The program only offers an entry opportunity into Canada and assists in getting jobs (Not Job Traficking)

This is a visa package from Nigeria package that does not give room for erotic dancers any opportunity to participate. It is strictly for professionals with proof of professional records.

With regards to the above, This sponsorship package is not 100% financed. it does not have flight ticket attached nor accommodation. You only get your visa through AEROCONE. Applicants are expected to PAY their flight ticket themself and Aerocone will usher you to a city where your profession is needed and can excel. This Package cost is 1million Naira only and only 20% is required while pay the remaining 80% is spread across 8 months

Terms and Conditions Apply.

How Does It Works ?



The Sponsored Visa Package is an annual program and was designed and started dated from the year 2014 and ever since till date (Excluding Covid-19 Period) have assisted many to become Canadians.
With close to 100,000 available jobs across Canada, employers want people to come to come and help them while pay is about C$15/hour minimum.

With this Visa Sponsored Package, Applicant may have the opportunity to come to Canada as a temporary resident (No Permanent Residency is promised).

Applicants are not required to pay all the fee for this package except the non-refundable registration fee of N200,000.

How it works…

  • Registered candidates will be invited for Canada Visa eligibility assessment.
  • Assessment or eligibility results are provided instantly.
  • Credential and Visa application will start immediately.
  • Selection is based on applicants professional experience and answers during the eligibility assessment.
  • Applicants must have one of the demanded profession(s) providing experience with proof.
  • Selected applicants are then given a test or apptitude to complete within a specific time which are submitted to requesting employers.
  • Only applicants with higher scores will then be sponsored for the next stage.
  • Aerocone Immigrations will assist in getting the required documents to meet the minimum eligibility requirements.
  • Documentations period only takes 3 weeks while processing periods by Immigration Refugee and Citizensip Canada (IRCC) may take as long as 3 to 4 months for documents perfection, background checking etc
  • Applicant grooming depending on the numbers of selected applicants,

  • Applicants with previous multiple declined visa applications cannot apply for this package, as it may also be declined, thereby advice not to try at all.
  • No other than registration fee is required by the applicant and the said registration fee is non refundable at any time.
  • Having selected for sponsorship does not guaranty visa approval, only the IRCC team has the authority and power to approve any submitted visa application.

Program Requirements

To participate in this program, the following are the requirements.

  1. A White Background passport photograph of 2″ X 2″ or 600 pixels square is required.
  2. An International Passport with at least 1 blank page for visa is required.
  3. International Passport must remain valid for at least 1 year minimum at the time of submitting it for visa sticker.  (Only the data-page is required and which must be uploaded to the sponsor registration form.
    No hardcopy documents are requested from any applicants.)
  4. Any other trade certificates eg. aluminum workers, welder, drivers, driller, mechanic, carpenter etc will be an added advantages.
  5. Certificate or Letter of Intent to Return (Signed by a Lawyer, Notary Public, or Judge) This is in line with IRCC Regulation that is found at IRPR 200(1)(b).
  6.  NIN, or Business TIN is required.
  7. Employment ID Card is also required.
  8. Non Refundable Registration fee of N200,000 or equivailent in other currencies is required.
  9. A guarantor between of level 5 – 10 officer within the government worker or notable business owner.
  10. A minimum of high school qualification with good spoken English is required,
    (Any professional certificate is an added advantage.)