Sponsor Terms and Conditions

This annual program is designed centering Africans professionals willing to migrate from to their country to international countries listed below.

  1. Canada
  2. United Kingdom
  3. United States of America


This program require applicants to pay the following fees at registration

    • Registration and Subscription Fee, and
    • Job Offer and Visa Fee

These payments helps to facilitate the application process while service charge is requested when the visa is approved.

50% of documentation fee is required at the approval of the visa while the balance is spread across 6 months time after getting to Canada
Documentation fee is charged to keep us getting connected to more employers in the listed countries to assist more people

From our studies and from the beginning of this program, we have discovered that majority of African’s have ideas and practical knowledge required by the foreign employers. but due to some factors that we cannot explain or want to venture into. i.e. support in obtaining required visa and meeting the requirement as highlighted by the Immigration Services of those countries.

Therefore Africans may find it very difficult to migrate into these countries in searching for a greener pastures.
This is why ITEN Travels and Migrations Limited with the aim to stand as a bridge to fill the gaps and to connect African able ladies and gents with employers in the above-mentioned countries.

The followings are the terms governing the program


  1. Applicants must accept terms and conditions includes the refund policies
  2. Applicants must understand that all decisions for granting of a visa remain with the Government and not ITEN Travels and Migrations Limited.
  3. Also applicant must understand that visa approval is not automatic. as it goes through lots of processes after submitting the application to the immigration service of their chosen country thus requires lots of patience until the visa is out. 

What are the jobs available under this program?

What are the requirements needed to meet up with this program criteria?