Why Canada as your dream country

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Some reasons to first consider moving to Canada...plus more options for good measure!


Why Canada should be considered as your dream country. read below
  1. Canada is a peaceful nation with no enemies, good international relationships (including with Cuba), and is at minuscule risk for a terror attack.
  2. Canada has no abortion laws whatsoever, abortion is legal, without restriction. But the rate of abortions in the country is relatively low.
  3. Canada in many provinces, recognizes and fully accepts gay marriage as a legal institution, even for immigration purposes.
  4. Canada has socialized medicine that Canadians report satisfaction with. No Canadian goes without health care.
  5. Canada has no death penalty. Tough gun control laws, and, it just so happens, a murder rate about three times lower than that in U.S.
  6. The Canadians enjoy general maternity leave of one year off for mothers, at 80 percent of their salary.
  7. Canada has a more balanced education system, where schools in poor areas deliver the same quality of education as those in wealthy locales.
  8. A Canadian federal judge has ruled that file sharing is legal in Canada.Canada health care is number one in the world

Ten Top Reasons to consider Canada First

1. Canada has universal public health care.
2. Canada has no troops in Iraq.
3. Canada signed the Kyoto Protocol environmental treaty.
4. More than half of its provinces allow same-sex marriage.
5. Canada´s Senate recommends legalizing marijuana.
6. Canada has no law restricting abortion.
7. Canada has strict gun laws and relatively little violence.
8. The United Nations has ranked Canada the best country to live in for twenty plus consecutive years.
9. Canada abolished the death penalty in 1976.
10. Canada has not run a federal deficit since 1996-97.

If you’re considering moving to another country, chances are Canada is somewhere on your list and for a good reason. Canada is one of the world’s greatest countries to live in according to several recent pieces of research.

Apart from being world-famous for things like maple syrup and cold winters,

The Great White North is also known for offering a lovely place for anyone to call home and we are going to go over some of the reasons why that is the case. Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

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